Multech PCB technologies Co., Ltd has been specialized in manufacturing printed circuits since 1997, Multech's factory is located at ShenZhen, It has abundant experiences of making PCBs and perfect management mechanism, Multech is one of the leading of the PCB Manufacturer in China with High-Skill specialist to strongly support customers in the worldwide Markets. Products are applied to a wide range of High-tech industries with 80 percent of all products export to Europe , American,Japan and other Asia-pacific countries.

Multech was founded by PCB professors, advocate the technical innovation, being engaged with High Density Multi-layer, Prototype and special types PCB. Offering  new technique and promote enterprise progress to meet customers satisfactions.Taking great efforts to concentrate on high quality, competitive pricing and the best service as well.

Multech offers all kinds of special high technology of multi-layer circuits such as Backplane PCB、Metal base PCB、Hi-Tg heavy copper foil PCB、Flat winding PCB、High frequency PCB、Mixed Dielectric base PCB、Flex and flex-rigid. Multech has being done strongly to meet special needs of customer .

Certainly,we have been working with our existing customers with HDI projects, single sided, double sides and complex Multi-layer Including Flex and Flex-rigid circuits with quick-turn around , prototype and medium even high volume mass production as well.

Our products include: Special technical PCB and unusual materials PCB. Standard PCBs with prototype and medium volume Products are used in wide range of hi-tech industries such as telecommunication、power supply、computer、industrial control、digital products、science and education instruments、 medical instruments、automobile、aerospace and so on.

We believe that "Better quality is the life of company" and "Technology is the blood of company " , in order to be successful for customer We must be an "extension of our customer" with honesty and diligence. To be part of the team and take ownership in the speed-to-market Challenges, our customer faces. To be continuing development the products, make them efficient and cost effective through manufacturing, offering reliable and perfect products to customer.
Sincerely appreciate this opportunity of showing you how efficiently and cost effective supply we are.

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