Multech invested in GD Kingshine Electronic Technology this year as Third-party investment company ,Multech is one of shareholders to develop our cooperation.

Multech Teamed up with Kingshine to expand the Markets in the world. Multech would like to support the suitable End Users who demanding large volume of PCBs based

On Kingshine facility as subsidiary of Multech to develop PCB Markets.

Contact : and and copy to for all customers’ inquiries

This year of 2019 ,Multech keep improving the Capability of manufacturing :

High-tech PCB with HDI 4steps even Any-layer for small volume, Flex and Flex-Rigid up to 36-layer, metal board(Al, Copper) and special material board such as Ceramic, Rogers and RF ,Teflon, isola, Dupont …etc. , high aspect ratio 16:1 backplane board, Max 13oz thick Cu board and embedded capacitance/resistance.

We are qualified by many customers in USA/Europe/Japan… We are in a struggle against PCB Markets in all the world, competitive pricing to offer customers around $53-55/m2 for standard 2layer mass production 500 m2 /lot per order, $88-90/m2 for standard 4layer 300 m2/ lot per order…

We always providing in high quality leveling with above 98% the first pass rate, we produced a medium-sized 18layer(2 steps HDI,min hole 4mil,min trace width/gap 3/3mil,BGA pitch 0.4mm) within 15 days,with first pass rate 98.6%. for small/prototype jobs with quick-turn around services including complicated PCBs (HDI. High Multilayer and Flex-Rigid)

China’s largest printed circuit board fabricator to present recent R&D developments for high speed PCBs and Backplanes. 


Multech achieve target of sales turnover 50Million US$ in 2012.    


Multech all employees attend fire protection knowledge training and rehearsing.  

Multech purchased two more units AOI machine.  


2010 Annual Summing up Meeting of sales held successfully.  


From Jan 14 to 16, Multech market system sales conference was held in the fourth floor training room successfully. On the conference, sales situation as well as problems of PCB, FPC, CAD, and military business were discussed, company manager Mr. Tang and Mr. Zhou confirmed the sales achievement, and provided expectation and requirement for the following sales work. They also marked out the future development of company to guide it sound-cycle and high-speed development.

Vice President Li  Visit  American & European  Customers.

From 22 to 27 Feb 2010,Vice President Li,Sales Manager Xie and Director Deng visited the customers in the USA&Euro which play an important role in the world.During the visit,Vice President Li did review the cooperation in 2009 with customers and also they forecasted the global economic situation and market demand in future.Sales Manager Xie and Director Deng updated Multech marketing strategy and capability to the customers.They also had a talk about the impact of present raw materials price rising on the 2010 PCB industry.

Through this USA&Euro business trip,effectively increase Multech's brand awareness in overseas market as well as enhance our confidence to achieve the sales target of 2010 fiscal year.

Multech successfully completed learn 6 Sigma training.  


Until end-August, Multech had successfully completed learn 6 Sigma training of engineer.

Multech established automative plating process.      






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